Mobility Scooters And Insensitive Car Drivers!

People must think that a disabled person popping onto a mobility scooter, and collecting the kids from school must be so easy!

What they don’t factor in, is the getting it out of the garage or shed, and back into the garage or shed on the return. It kills my back from stretching to do the locks, just getting in and out is a trial in itself! 

Plus then there are the rude insensitive car drivers, beeping their horns at you and showing the finger! 

I own a scooter that is allowed on the road, it is big, goes at ten miles an hour and I have tax discs. I even have the paperwork, from the DVLC with its registration number on. The paperwork for if I want to sell it on, so yes, I’m definitely allowed to drive my mobility scooter on the road!

I NEED IT because I am disabled! 

But when you get beeped at, it can make you jump. One jump can turn the steering, one turn can cause an accident. That accident can cause all sorts of havoc!

All I’m asking is that you show more thought, care and understanding for the disabled who have to use aids to get about. Just like you use a car to get about!?

You never know if you may become disabled one day, and need a mobility scooter too?

Umm and what if, it was all because you beeped a mobility scooter?  That gave them a shock, and made them jump? That one jump, that turned the steering. That one turn that caused an accident, that accident that caused all sorts of havoc? 

Just what if? 

If you were in that accident?

If your partner were in that accident?

Your child were in that accident?

All because you beeped a poor mobility scooter driver, who depends on that scooter to get her to where she needs to be?


What if……….?

Thanks as always for reading folks X.


  1. Thank you so much for posting such a nice post…! Mobility scooters can be useful for those who are suffering from the arm or shoulder flexibility. It is Comfortable Riser Recliner Chairs.

    1. Hi Sunnie,
      You are very welcome.
      People really should have more thought for disabled people, as I say, anyone could become disabled at any time and need a mobility scooter theirselves 🙁

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