Health Services Need To Up Their Game For Neurological Patients! 

I saw this on a news site I was reading, and I decided I must share.

For many years now, I have found myself stuck in a merry go round. Sent from one hospital to another, for all the different appointments for treatments I need for my ongoing problems.

Hopefully now this report has been done, there may be some better formats put together. Which may provide a more guided help for neurological patients, and give them better more consistent and thoughtful care. 

Try to put together their care systems in one hospital, rather than them having to travel all over and retell their stories and problems over and over again! 

The way it is at the moment is neither good for the patient, or the Drs trying to look after them. As a patient is treated in many different places, it means that their is no consistency of notes, to keep on top of what is going on with the patient 

Not all hospitals systems connect to other hospitals, and the follow up report letters go to the patients local GP Dr. So it is down to the patient to have to keep the other hospitals up to date, and honestly it’s hard work remembering everything.

As a neurological patient, we have memory problems already. So expecting us to be able to pass on information during our appointments at another hospital, can be very trying when you are there in the moment only thinking about the reason you are there for that appointment!

So fingers crossed that this report, gets the neurological system sorted out for better care treatment for future neurological patients. 

Thanks for reading, as always folks 🙂 X

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