I Had A Seizure But Never Knew! :( 

I woke this morning with terrible pain in my head, so painful I couldn’t think straight.

Then my partner told me I’d had a seizure about 5.30am, and did I remember? I didn’t!

I’m not getting better, I’m getting worse. I cried, I had tears streaming down my face. I’m told I have NEAD Non Epileptic Attack Disorder, which is supposed to be seizures due to psychological reasons. 

If I’m having seizures in the night, without any knowledge. How can that be psychological? We have tried to discuss with my neurology consultants before, that we believe I actually also have Epilepsy. Though the only way to get Epilepsy properly diagnosed, is to be wired up to a machine that will try to catch the electrical signals happening in your head as the seizure happens.

Trouble is actually being able to catch you having a seizure, whilst wired up for the collection of information. The consultants as far as I believe, do not want to pay for me to have the testing done. It would mean going into hospital, being wired up and hopefully catching me have a seizure to test the electrical responses. There is no telling how long this may take, a day, two days, or a week? 

So if taken into hospital for a week, wired up but not having a seizure. Then the time is wasted, and that hospital bed costs money. 

Which means I’m left being ill, and my partner having to look after me as I feel like an invalid following these nasty attacks.

He made me a lovely omelet for lunch, and put “A” on it with sauce. It made me smile 🙂 

Whether Epileptic or Non Epileptic, I really would like to know for sure and get the correct treatment. I am left feeling so very ill, with head pains so terrible I can’t take it much more. Even hours later, my head is still hurting really bad. I don’t know what to do?

All I know is I’m laid up in bed, on a Saturday. When I should be with my family, but they are all downstairs. I feel weak, in pain, but the worst thing? The upset that I feel of not knowing, not bring in control of my own life.

Plus on top of all this, my leg spasms are killing and my back too. 

I feel I’m just left to cope on my own 🙁
Sorry, not a very happy post but then life isn’t always happy is it 😢

Thanks for reading folks X.

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