I have no energy today, it has not been a good week. I have had two seizures and ongoing spasms throughout the week, which leaves me feeling extremely tired and very weak.

After a seizure, I find I really need to sleep. It is as if my head needs to repair, but I have to lay down I don’t have a choice.

Here is some information on how to look after a person having a seizure, and most important is that you don’t act scared. Just stay calm and as the seizure stops, tell the person they are not alone and they are safe.


I desperately wanted to put the back up on this site that I have, it is just a month or so short of the first year I started blogging. I am thinking I can put all those posts back on, then write how I lost my site and everything with it. Then I will restart from there, it is a great shame, but could also be a good way of moving forward as things have changed so much.

Well I need to rest, nothing new there then as I am always fatigued!

Catch you later folks 🙂



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